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Neko682 on May 14, 2015

“As an older gen Xer (46) I’m actually glad my family does not have a history of longevity.  As my income is barely enough to live on (it’s tough being a single homeowner) I have no chance whatsoever to save for retirement.  So my plan is to expect to drop dead of heart disease in my 60’s as everyone else on my father’s side of the family has done.  Most of my friends are struggling to keep their heads above water, dealing with the aftermath of the housing bust and the layoffs that followed, and nobody is getting significant raises.  Retirement for us is a pipe dream.  We will work until we drop.”

Peter Verkooijen on Jan 8, 12:34 PM said:

“The sad/pathetic thing about millennials is that they uncritically accepted the entire worldview of their baby boomer parents. Many in generation X have seen the current trainwreck coming since the 1990s. We have watched the mindless slogan chanting millennials dig their own graves… and ours.”
reallly on Jan 8, 12:46 PM said:

@Peter Verkooijen:

“Gen Xer’s have been warning about their hypocritical selfabsorbed materialistic Boomer parents for years. It has taken the millennials much longer to question authority and see through their empty platitudes. Keep it up you millennials, better late than never.”
 hammerman on Jan 8, 12:54 PM said:
@Peter Verkooijen:

“Thanks for sending essentially everything to china for cheap labor to profit a little more.
Thanks for increasing the cost of college education; yet information and knowledge is free and more things can be learned and found on the internet than for $25,000 year for a piece of paper.Yet Boomer hiring managers require a piece of paper and not the knowledge.”

X-Gen on Jan 8, 4:39 PM said:

“…consider this: the millenials that are truly idiots can’t get a job if they wanted to. By contrast, any boomer with a pulse could get one in their time – including the idiots.”

sabrina s on Jan 8, 3:30 PM said:

“Pretty sure Generation X (my generation) was in that “poorer than our forebears” boat before you.
It sure sucks, don’t it.”

Kjell Hansen Jul 3, 2014 said:

“… I’m a Gen X’er, and the incomes of myself and my peers pale in comparison to those of our parents. Our parents were able to buy the nicest houses in the nicest neighborhoods on a single income as our moms stayed at home. Now, it takes two incomes to buy a crapshack in a marginal neighborhood.”

dave bamford Jun 30, 2014 said:

“I honestly think most of us “Gen X” — folks are used to being ignored. Not to try to speak for most of the others, I spent my youth going to half-empty schools and using anything “left over” (books, equipment, cars, buses) from the hordes that came before. I think many of us got used to watching TV shows for grown-ups as kids, watching kids shows as grown-ups (which all parents do) and similar. I was in college during the economic booms, and looking for jobs during the busts. Timing-wise and trend-wise, Gen X is in a bad spot.

I have come to expect little in the way of hand-outs and help. When help does come, it is very welcome, and I’m thankful. However I have come to expect more famine than feast. I think of Gen X as the starving squirrel — we haven’t seen much springtime but when it comes we will likely be financially conservative and put it away for next winter.”


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