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36) An Open Letter To Men

I am a voice in this world.
I exist and I am a woman.
Most of history does not encourage nor consider the voice of any woman. Men are the writers of most of history.
Woman are only written into the historical record when she raises her head up high enough that men cannot ignore her and only if it serves the status quo, AKA the interests of men.
I am a woman who cares about the children of this world, because they will inherit the bullshit, the inhumanity that I endure, the ultimate sacrifice of a world that doesn’t care about its own survival.
Angry Lisa
I am angry that this world is run by certain men; certain men that make weapons against other men.
I am angry that certain men are willing to create weapons that will destroy our very existence because they have to.
I am angry that some women think their only place is to birth more children, that it is all we are born to do.
I am angry that most women are not part of the discussion of where we should be as human beings.
I am angry that many women are forced to be the caregivers, and clean up after the wars of men.
I am angry that so many women are not allowed any space on this planet to exist, to nurture our minds beyond our ability to have babies.
I am angry that so many women are seen as inferior to men, because we are socialized from birth that we should be subservient.
I am angry that my mother never taught me the reality of what I would face, that the world is hostile and indifferent to my needs as a woman.
I am angry that this world only caters to the war-like features of certain men and that all the things a woman can be will ultimately be obliterated by men.
I exist and I am a woman.
Women are relevant on all levels in this world.

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2 thoughts on “36) An Open Letter To Men

  1. My Grandmother was a strong woman, you are just an angry woman…Our grandmother taught us to love each other and to respect each other’s differences. She also taught us how to be strong by her example…All my life my main role models have been women…STRONG women. Hillary is not even in that league. Trump is in no way the answer to America’s problems, but he is the answer to eliminating Hillary’s chances to further corrupt the USA and put it further into danger. The actions of her predecessors have been to continually meddle in foreign affairs and this actions have given rise to groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS. She plans to continue this policy and further put you and your children of the world in jeopardy. If you truly want a leader then find one that is not entrenched in the corruption that she has embraced. I truly wish you all peace and hope that one day one of you rise up and take the power that a STRONG woman should. Do not elect a woman to the highest office in the USA just because she has a vagina. Take the power that you deserve but do give in to peer pressure just to elect Hillary. You can do better, you know you can. Do not dishonour the huge honour it would be to be the first woman president and waste that said honour on this wolf in feminist clothing.

    • lmm on said:

      Hello Jaime,

      I appreciate your feedback very much. The problem is that we don’t have any other choices. I can think of a lot of other people I can vote for, but no one I would want for president is on the ticket. Sure I can write in a name, but that will only help to elect this terrible man. We only have the choices we have right now. So therefore, it is math now. I refuse to vote for Trump. He is not the kind of change I want to see. This is where we are politically. We have no other choices because everyone of us got lazy and allowed Trump to steamroll over all of us. I blame the decline in deep investigative journalism over sensationalism and shallow reporting. So, we can either install a qualified, flawed candidate or deal with the consequences of a self-serving, short-sighted business man who does not care for anyone else but his own deranged self. We must carefully understand what we are facing as a country both short-term and long-term. I wish you well in your statements, however, I am voting for Hillary because she is allied with the best people around her, Republicans as well, to do what is best for our country. We have no other choice. With the greatest respect for you and your family.

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