Solo GenX Warriors

Game over. Let's start a new game.

Welcome, Lone Warrior!

This blog is devoted to the history of Generation X and its solo warriors working toward a better world through spoken word, social activism, writing, art, music and film. As a member of Generation X, I seek to explore how we define Gen-X individually and as a group. I will place my own life experiences under the Gen-X microscope, to understand how we differ, how we are similar and the meaning of it all.

All generations are unique and worth comparing within the larger context of history. The goal is to demystify certain misconceptions of Gen-X, add insight to others and provide an honest account of our zeitgeist.

Ideally, this blog will provide a forum, reference and network for Solo Gen-X warriors and all living beings actively fighting for a sustainable planet that doesn’t suck.

This space is open to all generations for discussion and shared learning. There will be future opportunities for guest-blogging, new topics, networking and continual refinement of this website.

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